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May MADness

First of all, how is it May already? Secondly, how have I got 24,57 events and appointments to remember? Thirdly, how am I already skint on 4th day of this jam-packed month?

Welcome back, dear readers! I won’t bother rolling off the usual apologies for not writing regularly. Life is nuts. I started a new job not long after my last post in October. I blinked a couple of times, tapped the heels of my red shiny shoes together and somehow it’s May 2023.

For those that don’t already know, I live in Liverpool and the eyes of the world (at least the euro pop music loving ones) are back on this ridiculous city once again. Eurovision 2023 has officially taken over the city centre and the competition doesn’t actually begin until next week. You can’t get a hotel room for love nor kidney, the pop up t-shirt sellers are making a mint and everyone is dressing up to the nines for every minor occasion. It’s brilliant and I love it.

It’s a HUGE month for us as a family as my youngest daughter sits her SATS tests at school before heading off on her first ever residential trip. My son takes on the national MTC test (he loves maths, he’s confident) and my eldest daughter gears up for A level mocks – bring on Othello – AGAIN!

We’re heading back to Ireland and Scotland in separate trips this month. This means lots of laundry, early morning flights to fit around work and ALL the car snacks! The best bit.

It’s polling day today and I’ve never felt more indecisive in all my adult life. What a shit storm the political landscape is. I don’t profess to particularly well educated in politics but I’ll give you a short paragraph on my take, if you’ve got a sec. Politics has traded policy for celebrity. The displays of ego/peacocking are more suited to Love Island than Number 10 and it’s a disgrace.

My local councillors have littered our porch with political leaflets in the last week. The. Last. Week. Never seen them in person in the 9 years I have lived in this house. Saw them on the news when a child was murdered, waxing lyrical about community strength and ‘looking after our own.’ Tories wouldn’t dare show their faces around this way, but Labour peddling managed photoshoots and about as much charisma as a carrot screams ‘desperate’. A car just drove past. Someone with a megaphone shouting out the window about remembering your voter ID and to ‘vote for such and such’ while dodging the cavernous potholes and little kids doing wheelies up the middle of the road.

I’ve no time for the coronation. It seems tone deaf at a time when the country is on its knees. I don’t believe that what we need is a ‘bit of national pride and a celebration.’ We need sustainable funding for those experiencing extreme poverty in our own communities. Not some prat riding around in the golden carriage who’s socks are more expensive than a weekly shop.

But anyway, back to Eurovision! We managed to bag tickets for two shows and we’ve been planning our outfits since mid April. I spoke at the ‘Euroversion’ Ignite event last night which was huge fun, although my presentation always goes to shit on the night. Good practice for public speaking even if you are swathed in an Australia flag and can’t remember any of your notes. Thanks to everyone who kindly clapped/laughed!

So yeah, bit of a busy one lined up. All this on top of working full time of course. I’m off to mow the lawn before the rain comes!

What are you up to this month?

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