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Podcasts & Facemasks

An attempt at improving my book tally in 2022 has grown into something unexpected.

I love to read. It’s a real pleasure and as a busy mum of three, it’s a treat to get through a chapter without being asked to “watch this funny TikTok” or “watch this move on Kirby” or “mum, where are the black Converse?” That said, all three of my kids also love to read so at least there’s a positive to the constant interruptions. See it, do it!

I set myself a challenge in 2022 to read 100 books before the end of the year. Recommend a book for me, here. I’ve attempted this before and while I’m doing better than in 2020, my tally sits at 23 with less than four months to go. Pretty lame, but at the same time, I’ve finally, YEARS behind the trend, discovered podcasts!

The perfect Sunday for me involves having all the school uniforms washed and ironed, the house tidy, the washing basket empty, a roast in the oven (while I can still afford the gas), and 30 minutes to myself to put on a sheet mask and listen to an episode in solitude.

Like 90% of my book choices, the podcasts I’m obsessed with are crime thrillers and true stories.

The most recent podcast I’m listening to is The Teacher’s Pet from The Australian. This podcast spans 4 years of investigations into the disappearance of Lynette Dawson from the northern beaches area of Sydney in 1982.

Hosted by journalist, Hedley Thomas, the 16-part series uncovers incredible witness testimony and just this week, led to Lyn’s husband, Chris Dawson, now 74, going on trial for her murder. I won’t spoil the verdict as I’m 100% encouraging anyone interested in the crime genre to give it a listen. You can find out more here.

Previously I’ve listened to In the Dark from APM Reports. Across 2 seasons this investigative journalism podcast, hosted by Madeleine Baran details the disappearance of Jacob Wetterling. Find out more here.

Away from the scary real-world stuff, I’ve really enjoyed the Word of Mouth podcast from BBC Radion 4. Hosted by Michael Rosen, the host, and special guest (there are 142 episodes and different guests in total) dive into the English language and unearth all manner of secrets, meanings, and funny anecdotes. One to stick on and instantly learn something new. Find out more here.

French & Saunders – a favourite double act from the 90s and beyond for me, are now into their 3rd series of the ‘Titting About’ podcast, and honestly, listening to it as a home worker makes me feel like I’m having a laugh in the office. There is nothing they won’t discuss and I have to recommend the health episode – purely because it made my 8-year-old son run out of the room in horror – constipation will do that to you! Listen here.

Finally, I have loved dipping into A Bit Of Optimism by Simon Sinek. 30-minute-ish episodes, again with special guests to cover a multitude of different topics and subjects. The habits of successful people, what to do when things don’t get better, how to be resilient, and of course, a healthy dose of true crime. Listen to my favourite episode with David Mittelman, here.

If you’re obsessed with a podcast and want to share a link, drop me a line on the contacts page. I’m loving opening my mind and ears to new conversations, opinions, and takes on things.

Oh, I almost forgot! Sheet masks. No podcast indulgence would be quite as effective without a good quality sheet mask on your face and I know it’s not just me who swears by this winning combo.

Personally I like a good tea tree or coconut/collagen mash-up, mainly because I’m old and need to take advantage of any and all ‘natural’ stimulants to stop my face from sliding off. Big shout out to Home & Bargain for stocking 99p ones that are actually good and to Boots and Superdrug for the £6 carbon pay day efforts that make you feel a teeny bit dewier.

How do you listen to your favourite podcast? What’s your genre of choice?

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