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The Sound of Silence

The phone alarm signaled the start of the day at 7. Naomi knew she shouldn’t keep her phone charging and stashed under her pillow, but it was never out of reach.

Even through the cracked screen, a 15-minute trawl through Facebook and that fit
footballer’s Instagram story had become a morning ritual. Having the bedroom next to the family bathroom was a curse if you ever fancied a lie in.

The shower ran with a squeak as Naomi’s mum got ready for work. The hairdryer and kitchen radio would soon follow. The bin men were making a racket outside and already Naomi’s phone was beeping with constant messages from the WhatsApp group after last night’s drama. That could wait.

She went through the motions, got dressed, brushed her teeth, appeased her mum by
grabbing a croissant from the kitchen and waved it with a half-arsed shout of goodbye as she shut the front door.

The exams weren’t going well, too little too late. Feeling the panic rise in her throat, she fished out her earpods, hit shuffle, and dumped the croissant in the wheelie bin.
As much as she liked Mrs. Rhodes, the last thing Naomi needed this morning was another
pep talk, the last one hadn’t gotten her through more than half of yesterday’s physics paper with any confidence.

“Morning Nomi, you got this okay, just remember…”

“Yep, I hear you miss.” Naomi took out her ear pods and shrugged her off mid-sentence.

At least arriving early meant she could get into the exam hall before having to deal with Chloe and the barrage of questions about disappearing with Ben last night.

Naomi dropped her bag at the back of the hall and walked down the neat rows of exam desks. Sitting close to the window, she stared out at the passing traffic on the ring road. As the test paper was laid on the desk in front of her, the panic began to set it.

Enveloped by the sound of silence, Naomi breathed deeply and put her head on the desk.

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Looking up from the funny cat video playing on her phone, Ellie was too late to move out of the path of the man hurtling towards her.

Followed closely by three pissed off looking coppers, the man, in a state of undress, launched her into the shop shutters, sending her iphone, bag, and half-eaten Kinder Bueno flying across the pavement.

“Oi, Jesus, what was that all about?”

Ellie asked no one in particular. An elderly lady tried in vain to help her up.

“This place has gone to the dogs love, always police about nowadays”.
Another bystander, a teenage girl in uniform handed Ellie her bag.


Ellie dusted off her coat and skirt and picked up her iphone, leaving the last of chocolate for the pigeons.

“No worries” the girl replied, “Wonder what he’s been up to?”
“I don’t know but I hope they catch him, knobhead has smashed my screen” Ellie showed
her the shattered glass.
The teen rolled her eyes and flashed her own cracked screen.

“Welcome to the club,” she said as she wandered off in the direction of the library.
Sirens wailed down the high street and came to a screeching halt at the far end, by the post office. Ellie could just make out two police officers manhandling the runaway into the van before slamming the doors and driving off.

“Good” she thought, her elbow throbbing.
The flow of people went back to their day. Traffic noise picked up, buses, taxis, people
returned to the queue in the coffee shop and women pushing buggies went by, en route to the park. Kneeling down to check her bag, Ellie noticed what she thought was a pen, just a foot or two across from where she fell into the shutters. It must have come out of her bag.

Crouching across, she picked it up. It was a flash drive. An old school looking one at that. Anyone could’ve dropped it but there was no way Ellie wasn’t plugging it straight into her laptop to check what was on it. She dropped it into her pocket and joined the queue at the coffee shop.

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Operation Silver Fox

I met a lady in the food court at Marks & Spencer yesterday morning. I stopped to speak to her because she had the most awesome hair I’ve ever seen. I stalked her for a few minutes down the cooked meats aisle and was tempted to try a sneaky iphone pic but it was fairly quiet at that time of the morning, and being frog marched out of M&S for stalking would have a serious affect on my Percy Pig habit.

I said hello instead and was greeted with a wide smile as I explained my fascination with her wild, curly mane of darkest brown and silver curls. The woman, in her 40’s was quite taken aback and explained that over the years she’d simply grown tired of having her roots done so frequently and decided to embrace her inner Caron Franklin and become a fully fledged silver fox. I too suffer from premature greying, I have to dye my brunette roots every two weeks which is a huge pain. Recently I’ve succumbed to ombre in the hope that the lighter ends will detract from the nuisance white curly terrors invading my fringe. I’m not fooling anyone.

pic: intothegloss.com

Linda Rodin: intothegloss.com

I’ve toyed with going full silver. I adore Linda Rodin and her effortless style, she rocks braided hair better than my 9 year old, and she’s 65. The lady I met this morning might have just tipped me over the edge into a radical change. Her 100% natural, glossy dark locks were just past shoulder-length, a mass of tight curls and loose beach-type waves with a real flash of silver at her crown. She totally nailed it, dressed conservatively in palazzo pants and boucle biker jacket, perfect for a Friday morning stroll around the city shops, this confident, stylish woman pulled off a 2015 hair fad in a way a twenty something just cant. That’s because she’s not following the trend, she created it.

In hindsight I should have asked to take her pic to share with you, lesson learned.

Percy Pig anyone?

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