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Less Resolution More Revolution

I can’t quite remember from who or where I’ve stolen that title but it’s a belter isn’t it?

2017 is all about making waves for me, causing a personal revolution and generally saying yes to whatever comes my way so I’m ditching the unrealistic resolutions and looking at them as fun goals instead!

I’ve thought long and hard and come up with a compact list that is realistic yet challenging. It might look fairly basic to you but I’m the type who derives immense joy from ticking off lists.

(I’ll admit to writing some tasks on my list when I’ve already done them to give myself a bit of a boost, I know, I’m weird).

So anyway, 2016 was pretty damn awesome for me, so I’m going to have to go some to up the ante.

Here we go…..


Travel Inspiration – Kasbah Ruins, Morocco

1 – Spend at least 30 days out of the country and visit two places/cities/countries I’ve never been to before. Morocco is currently top of my list followed by the lost city of Petra, Jordan. Eeeeek, excited!


Hair and Style goals – Linda Rodin and pooch, Winky.

2 – Right this one is huge (for me). I’m going to stop dying my hair. Oh god I’ve said it. It’s no secret that I’m destined to be a silver fox, and despite a 5-month-long failed attempt earlier this year, I’m gonna give it another go.

Thank you to the lovely lady on reception at Radio City for encouraging me to embrace the grey! Much respect, and you look bloody fabulous x



Goodbye Chicken Fried Rice, it was good while it lasted. I love you x


3 – I’m on a roll now! I’m also giving up take-away. Not all crappy food, (I really love pic n mix), just actual take away. No Just Eat, no Deliveroo and no deliciously gooey and chocolatey fabulousness from TreatyPie. I must prepare and cook actual food….for a whole year.


Repeat After Me: I Do Not Need To Check My Phone Every Five Minutes…..

4 – Technology goal. No switching my phone on until 9am (kids in safely in school and nursery etc) and off again at 8pm EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. Yep.


Oh Hi pretty food that wont give me diabetes!

5 – Try Sushi! Utterly ridiculous that I’ve made it to the ripe old age of 34 and I’ve been too scared to try sushi! January for sure this one!


Problem Booking Taxi: No available cars in your area…..til 2018…..unlucky

6 – Last one. No taxi’s. I need to learn to manage my time so that I don’t have to last minute.com all the time and ring a Delta. Plus I’m hardly Rockefeller so think of all the savings! Could pay for one of my trips, girl with a plan.

So that’s it. 365 days of cute bite-size, cute food, foreign adventures, silver hair, healthy meal prep, Instagram posts (between the hours of 9 and 8 only) and generally improving life as I know it.

Doesn’t matter how you do it, resolutions, goals whatever, be happy and make 2017 count.

Happy New Year






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Grey Matter

I’ve made a huge mistake….I’ve accepted a challenge to not dye my hair until I finish my NCTJ course in June 2016….worst.challenge.ever.


I don’t know who this lady is…but she knows the struggle!

If you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll know I’m obsessed with the grey hair trend that’s done a couple of rounds over the last two years. I had one disastrous attempt at going grey with a local salon….cue losing four inches off my length from snapping and resorting to having a (too short) fringe cut in to cheer myself up. Fail.

I’ve chatted at length to anyone who will listen, mainly Ro at Voodou Bold Street, about how to go about how to be a full on silver fox and keep my locks in good condition. I’ve consulted hair specialists as far away as Scarborough and watched a million youtube tutorials to see how those in the know achieve this iconic look.

The thing is….I’m going grey naturally…at an alarming rate too. I began my NCTJ course on September 7th and I’ve not dyed my hair since then and I’m rocking all over silver roots already.  My sister who has had more hair colours and styles than I’ve had hot dinners, reckons I should let it grow out naturally, saving on damaging my hair further. So I thought about it and I’ve decided to kick the hair dye into touch for a few months…..well 8 months to be exact.

I currently have around two cm totally natural grey roots…I say grey….its definitely bright white in places and while I’m frustrated that I’ve got to stick this out for such a long time. I bloody love the colour!

My dilemma is this; I have one of two high profile press events to attend in the next few months and while still glossy, my hair looks a mess. Do I cut it redonkulously short to get rid of the dyed brunette…..or find a way to style it on these occasions and keep the length?

Wonder if Kate will join in with my challenge?

Wonder if Kate will join in with my challenge?

If I manage to stick to my plan and resist the temptation to dye, my hair will look amazing when I graduate in June. Either that or I’ll look like Helen Mirren.

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