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Almost There

If you’re not singing ‘Almost There’ from Disney’s Princess & The Frog right now, we can’t be friends. 

It occurred to me the other day, as a friend rapidly approaches a big birthday, that I’m halfway there. Almost done. Seriously. I don’t mean to be morbid about it, it’s just a fact. I’m 36. With my high sugar diet and penchant for stressing over things out of my control, it’s highly unlikely I’ll make it to 80. Diabetes and its best mate, cardiac arrest are always watching.

Clearly I need to make a few life changes, which I’m working on. Back out running, attempting to eat less sugar and plan my balanced meals (now that all 17 Easter eggs have been inhaled). But this impending birthday (not even mine – see what I mean about stressing over pointless stuff) did make me stop and think. What have I actually achieved in my 36 years?

Society used to say that by the age of 36 a woman should be married and raising children. Ticked those boxes. Turns out kids are absolutely immense, husbands….mmmm not so. And besides society can kiss my arse. We’re marching to the beat of our own drums these days.

Are bucket lists still a thing? Is there a 2019 version (a short YouTube video maybe?) of making a list of stuff you really wanna do before you croak? Should it take news of ill health or a monumental life event to motive us to live more? Surely the biggest regret in life is to get to your dying breath and wish you’d done more? Taken more chances, worried less about the consequences.

My personal bucket list has gone from worldly adventures to ironing all the school uniforms on a Sunday. Or getting all the washing out on the line on a sunny day. Sometimes I set a target for my daily word count, other times its my step counter or calorie count on My Fitness Pal.

Maybe I’ve become uninspired and bogged down with the practicalities of parenting. The kids need a solid education, to be settled, see their friends, get enough sleep etc. And they get all that. But I’m always blown away to hear stories of people who’ve upped sticks on gone traveling with their young families for months on end. Can a school with ‘requires improvement’ Ofsted results really question the education of world travel?

In reality, the inspiration still burns inside (oo-err). I don’t want to be on my death bed content with never having travelled further than the M62 but its okay because all the laundry was done in a timely matter and I scored highest on My Fitness Pal for calorie deficit.

We’re all heading the same way. I’m almost there, but the second half of my story will take a different path.

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Comic Con Manchester 2015

We came, we saw…..and by the power of grey skull…..it kicked ass!

I was apprehensive about my first Comic Con, in conversations before the event I was throwing around words like ‘Nerd’ and ‘Geek’ and tutting anytime my sister piped up about her beloved Dr Who (sorry I’m not a fan) I expected to feel completely out of my depth and very much out of date among crowds of young fans. Luckily my deep affection for comic art and Batman (got to be Michael Keaton for me) meant there was no way I was missing out, and who doesn’t love a jaunt to Manchester?

Manchester Central held the convention this year and rounding the corner of Watson Street, I was blown away by the sheer numbers of Cosplay fans who had gone all out to pay homage to their favourite characters. I was met in the foyer by Star Wars wookies, Chewey looking particularly menacing at 12 feet tall…..only to walk smack-bang into The Riddler and his girlfriend, Poison Ivy and step on the cloak of Maleficent who apologised to me for getting in the way! I couldn’t have looked any more like a newbie than if I was carrying a watermelon! However, they all smiled and happily posed for photo’s while chatting about how much fun they have preparing for Comic Con and meeting up with other Cosplay fans.

 Initiation complete, I threw my press badge around my neck and wandered into the exhibition hall to browse the trade stalls. To my utter delight I was met with wall to wall merchandise for My Little Pony, Adventure Time, Power Puff Girls, Marvel, DC, Pokemon, Storm Troopers, Breaking Bad, Dr Who (booooo hiss) and all manner of Anime and Minecraft stuff too. Comic Con is advertised as a family friendly event and thanks to Kate’s Craft Parties who ran the kids craft stalls and competition, there were tonnes of cute little Robin’s, Ironmen, Queen Elsa’s and Princess Bubblegum’s running around in their orange capes with their faces painted (including my three, who had a ball) There was so much to do from Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred discussing all things Dr Who on the guest star panel, to actual Robot Wars and gaming galore at the Xbox stand.

Having bought some Lego, lanyards, badges and Adventure Time teddies and died a few times on various Xbox games, I moved out into the large seated area and began talking to some fans. Everyone I spoke to was so friendly, passionate and infinitely knowledgeable, particularly when I asked ‘Which character are you?’….super fans! Some had travelled from over 100 miles away, in full costume to meet up with other Cosplayers, and even looking over my photographs now I’m still stunned by the attention to detail in both costume and styling (I can barely keep mascara on all day never mind imitate the Joker for 8 hours solid)

  I’ve put all of my Comic Con photographs on my Inspiration page, which you can find here because that’s exactly what you guys are, inspirational. With non-priority tickets at just £11 and kids under 10 go free, people of the Glorious North, get yourselves to Comic Con 2016 for an awesome family day out.

A huge thank you to everyone who agreed to be photographed….you absolutely made my kids day……as we left my two girls turned to me and said ‘Mum that was well better than Disneyland Paris’

Enough said.

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