The Twilight

Is anyone else waiting, pen poised to fill in day one of a fresh, new 2020 diary? Can we just get on with it now?

December has been a haze of job applications, trying not to spend unnecessarily and walking my dog. I’ve spoken to more recruiters than family over the festive period – to the point where I wondered if I should’ve included them on my Christmas card list? Oh, that’s another thing, I reckon Christmas cards will be a gonner in 2020. We’re all saving the planet with little steps and I reckon the festive, glittery tokens will be next on the cull list.

We’re in the twilight zone at the moment. That annoying time between Christmas and New Year where some people are back at work, some are still smashing through the selection boxes and daytime films, some never had a break at all. If you’e a job seeker during this time, it’s frustrating as hell.

When you’ve filed a brilliant application that you’re sure will picked up – the twilight blows it apart because everything takes so damn long at this time of year. I suppose it doesn’t help if you’re impatient.

It was also surprising to see a lot of job adverts being posted on Christmas day. Stuffed with turkey, hating on you relatives, dreading the thought of going back to that job you hate? Get on your new shiny iphone and apply for a job before the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special!

I have applied for around 178 jobs in December. Ranging from Portsmouth to Stranraer and everywhere in between. Reporter, Journalist, Media Manager, Social Media Manager, Copy Writer, Editor, Sub Editor, Night Editor, Communications Manager, you name it.

I’m hopeful that 1st January 2020 brings a flurry of interest and I can begin the next decade in a challenging yet rewarding role. Realistically, who is chasing applicants on New Years Day? Back to the selection boxes it is then!

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