This Is Me

If your CV isn’t an A4 paper version of The Greatest Showman, how can you expect to get noticed by recruiters? Finding a job in December is a case of survival of the most creative. 

This week I gave my CV an overhaul for the first time in 4 years. I’m applying for roles all over the country in a number of industries. Recruiters are telling me I should have a variations of my original CV to suit each vacancy, which in itself have given me a whole new role. I am now officially a Job Vacancy Researcher. It’s knackering. It also feels like some kind of mad game show.

This new full-time occupation is compounded by the fact I’m open to a relocation. Media jobs in Dubai look much more appealing than copy writing in Swindon (no offence Swindon) but if I’m going to pack up and jet off for a job, there has to be more than just the 9-5.

Apps have also revolutionised the job application process. So far I have applied for a grand total of 156 jobs across three different apps. From London to Edinburgh, Speke to Southport, there’s a whole load of work out there. And even more job seekers.

I’ve read every article on how to make your application stand out from the crowd. How to craft the perfect letter of application. I’ve even rejoined Linked In. (Thanks to all who have connected with me, had some lovely introductions and its fab to meet new people.)

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of learning all these new lessons. Game show rules. Don’t mention the skills that aren’t related to the job role. Highlight, elevate, bold your strengths, don’t mention any weaknesses, references aren’t necessary, don’t add a photo to your CV – it puts people off – snorted laughing at that one, and was only mildly offended!

At some point I’m hoping to go home with a cuddly toy or hostess trolley and bag the job I really want. Even if it’s in Swindon. I just have to perfect my show tune CV that will catch the eye of recruiters and HR bosses around the country. Won’t be long.


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