My Love for Phil

As Christmas rapidly approaches, I’m truly grateful to be able to spend the festive period with my true love, Phil. 

Is there anything more lovely than spending Christmas with the one you love? Kids and magic and gifts aside, being able to go for Christmas drinks, buying gifts you know they’ll love, a little Christmas date night and of course matching jarmies (I’m joking)….(kind of).

Our relationship is a little one sided, yeah I spend a bit of money on him over the winter period, but what I get in return is limitless. Laughter, music, emotion by the bucket load and memories that will last a lifetime, he spoils me.


He has incredibly talented mates. Classical, international and home-grown musicians who showcase their talent every day of the week at his request. And as for sense of humour, he counts the like of Jimmy Carr, Jon Richardson and Liverpool lad, Chris Cairns as friends.


He’s great with kids too, is Phil. Over Christmas he puts on a huge Christmas sing along with Santa as well as classic movies for families to enjoy together.

Oh Phil, or rather to give him his full title, The Royal Philharmonic Hall, Hope Street! With your twinkly lit canopy and stunning classic, art deco style, there’s no where else like it. My favourite venue to enjoy intimate gigs, comedy films and of course the incredible Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The first place my kids ever saw a live performance and out staple Christmas treat day out.


I’m counting down the days until my next date with Phil. We’re seeing comedian Jon Richardson and settling down for Laughterhouse in early December, before we do a family date and sing along with Santa on Dece 16th. If you’ve never been, you’re definitely missing out. Give yourself a gift this Christmas and book a ticket to a performance at The Phil, you wont regret it

My heart belongs to The Phil this Christmas


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